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Lates calcarifer

Alternate Names:
Giant Perch, Palmer,  Cockup,  Bekti,  Nairfish, Silver Barramundi and Australian Seabass.

Here’s a fun fact: Barramundi begin life as males, then, when they reach the age of reason—three to five in fish years, they see how confining that is and transform themselves into females. ;-) OK, OK, it isn’t really about the attitude, just the most efficient way to propagate the species. 

Barramundi is reportedly a name given to the fish by indigenous Australians, and it means “large-scaled silver fish.” It is also called “Passion Fish.” In an Australian Aborigine Dreamtime legend—part creation story—the barramundi transforms itself into the moon. Whatever its origins, the barramundi is a type of sea bass. It is recommended for its sweet, buttery flavor and is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Seafood Watch rates it a “Good Alternative.”

Barramundi with Red Peppers and Olives

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