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Arctic Char with Blistered Cherry Tomatoes in Garlic Olive Oil
(Barton Seaver / For Cod and Country)


¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil, divided
4 cloves of garlic, cut in half
2 pints cherry tomatoes
2 (5-ounce) Arctic char fillets

Preheat the broiler. Set a large cast-steel or cast-iron skillet on the stove over high heat until it is smoking hot. Add the olive oil and garlic. Cook the garlic until it is blistered and golden brown. Add the tomatoes, but do this very carefully, otherwise searing hot oil will splash up onto you. Cook until the skins of the tomatoes begin to blister in the hot oil, about 1 minute, then season very generously with salt.

Carefully place the char fillets, skin-side up, on top of the tomatoes and transfer the pan under the broiler. Cook for 6 minutes, then check on the fillets. The skin should be blistered and bubbling. Remove the char fillets to serving plates. Spoon the tomatoes onto the char fillets and serve immediately.

Serves 2

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