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California Halibut

Hook and line, California

A few weeks ago we featured Alaskan halibut. This week we are featuring California halibut. These halibut are much smaller (15 pounds or so) than the northern Pacific variety that can reach hundreds of pounds. Even so, they are delicious. Some describe them as milder than their bigger cousins—having a flavor more like that of flounder. Anyone from Alaska will tell you that Alaskan halibut is the clear winner though Californians will beg to differ. We think it is a matter of taste—yours. Either way, halibut is among California's most popular groundfish. California halibut is versatile and can be cooked in many ways—grilled, roasted, broiled—chef's choice. The California halibut is caught using hook-and-line with little or no bycatch. Seafood Watch rates it a "Good Alternative." Moderate mercury level.
1 lb. for $19.50

-- Halibut in Chard Leaves with Lemon-Thyme Butter
-- Grilled Halibut Niçoise with Market Vegetables (Epicurious)

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Gill or seine, Kodiak, Alaska

You may be thinking "salmon again?" Fresh wild Alaskan salmon is only available a few short months during the summer (the salmon from the Copper River that we had a few weeks ago is available for only about a month). 

To review, there are 5 different types of Pacific salmon (king—also known as chinook—sockeye, coho, pink, and chum). Of all the types, king is the largest, and some consider it the most flavorful. This year, fewer landings of king salmon are projected, and it is expensive! We've read that Pikes Place Market in San Francisco sold Copper River king salmon for $75.00 a pound!  

Sockeye (also known as red) is not as large as king salmon but like king salmon, it is high in omega-3's and has an excellent flavor. We love Alaskan salmon grilled on a cedar plank. Seafood Watch rates it a "Best Choice," and it is MSC Certified. Lower mercury. Kosher.
1 lb for $16.50

-- Sesame Seared Salmon Over a Bowl of Quinoa, Leeks, Kale, and Broccoli (What’s Cooking Good Looking)
-- Salmon, Asparagus, and Mushrooms Steamed in Parchment
(Eat Clean / Martha Stewart)

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