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Yellow Perch

Net caught, Lake Erie, Canada

Perch carries a lot of emotional weight for us. It can speak of a sandy summer cottage in upper Michigan or a rustic Wisconsin cabin on a cold October evening. Like buttered corn-on-the-cob, yellow perch is the perfect summer comfort food. It is easy-to-prepare. Its size makes it perfect for pan-frying but it also tastes great roasted, grilled, or baked. This particular batch is wild-caught from Lake Erie Canada-side where perch are again abundant (BTW, happy 150th, Canada).

The fish is flaky with firm flesh and mild flavor. A Seafood Watch "Best Choice.” Low mercury level. Kosher.

1 lb. for $20.00 (each fillet fish is 2-to-4 oz)

-- Ellyn's Fabulous Perch (Ellyn R.)
-- Baked Parmesan Perch (Taste of Home)

Scotish Fjord Sea Trout

This trendy new trout is the same species as rainbow trout. It is farmed under controlled methods off the west coast of Scotland. The sea loch (a long deep fjord) was formed over the course of 2 million years by successive glacial ice flow erosions. It contains a perfect mix of salt and fresh water that flows swiftly, making for a highly oxygenated water that these fish love. They are farmed in uncrowded conditions and are fed sustainably without chemicals or pesticides. Low mercury level. Kosher.

1 lb. for $16.00

-- Lake Trout with Fingerling Potatoes and Bacon (adapted from Paul Kahan / Food and Wine)
-- Trout en Papillote (HOF)

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