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Ivory Char

Recirculating AquaPonics system. Bristol, Wisconsin

We are very happy to again feature ivory Arctic char from a state-of-the-art family-owned AquaPonics farm in Wisconsin. It's awesome! The fish grow in artesian water (free of heavy metals) the feed is antibiotic- and chemical-free and the fish waste is composted for organic fertilizer. The family is completely devoted to sustainability and energy e-fish-ency. They describe their system as a marriage of aquaculture and hydroponics. Check out their website.

As for the fish well see for yourself. The ivory color is produced by their diet and the absence of artificial dyes. The restaurants AquaTerra supplies include Evanston's Found restaurant and to Rick Bayless’s Topolobampo (among others).
1 lb for $18.50

-- Broiled Lemon-Honey Arctic Char with Citrus Sauce (Alexandra Stafford / Food 52)
-- Arctic Char Rice Bowl (O and O Eats)

MSC Swordfish

Handgear caught. Gulf of Mexico

Finally, grilling season is here! And because of its meaty, almost steak-like texture, swordfish is perfect for the grill. It is also an excellent introduction to seafood for those who you are trying to convince that seafood is a healthy and delicious alternative to meat. 

Because of new fishery management measures once-overfished Gulf swordfish is now more sustainable than it has been for decades. The swordfish we are offering is handgear-caught, a fishing method that yields no by catch (no other fish are caught and killed in the process). Swordfish can be baked, broiled, grilled, sautéed, or smoked. it's MSC certified and Seafood Watch rates it a "Good Alternative.”
1 lb. for $20.00

-- Grilled Swordfish with Mango Salsa (Saveur)
-- Pasta With Swordfish, Olives, Capers And Mint (adapted from Franny’s/Food Republic)

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