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Irish Organic Salmon

Off-shore net pens

What is it about salmon that makes us miss it so much during the off season? Fortunately, our friends at the Irish Organic Salmon Company are producing a delicious, sustainably farmed salmon that many actually prefer to the wild version. 

The Irish Organic Salmon Company has full control over the whole process—from broodstock to processing. The salmon begin in freshwater, then are moved to protected saltwater cages and finally to pristine fast-moving waters off the coast of north and Northern Ireland. The low-density pens give them plenty of room to swim against the strong current. This strenuous activity promotes a firmer texture and less fat. That is why these farmed salmon are more like wild salmon than other farmed varieties.​

Their feed is certified organic and GMO-free, and no chemicals or medicines are used. The farm is certified by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association Naturland (Germany), BioSuisse Organic, Freedom Foods, and GlobalGAP Aquaculture. Low mercury level. Kosher. 
1 lb. for $20.00

-- One Pan Lemon Salmon, Roasted Potatoes and Parmesan Asparagus (Half Baked Harvest)
-- Sear-Roasted Salmon with Leeks and Lentils (David LaPlaca)

Dry-Pack Sea Scallops

Wild, Delaware coast

The sea scallops we are offering this week are shucked on the boat, dry-packed, and shipped on ice. Dry-pack scallops have no chemicals added, and they will caramelize nicely. (Wet-pack scallops, on the other hand, are soaked in a water-retentive sodium triphosphate solution, meaning that about 30% of what you pay for is water. When cooked they exude so much water that they can't be properly seared.)

Our dry-packed scallops are firm and slightly tacky to the touch. If you haven't done so yet, try them with Sfoglinis cuttlefish ink pasta, or any other pasta. Seafood Watch rates dry-pack scallops a "Good Alternative." Low mercury level. 
1 lb. for $23.50

-- Seared Scallops with Spring Onion and Tarragon Cream (Food 52)
-- Tom Colicchio's Pan-Roasted Sea Scallops with Scallop Jus (Food 52)

Frozen Fair Trade Shrimp

Supera net caught, Mexico

Finally a shrimp you can feel good about eating! We just might have been the first in Chicago to feature certified Fair Trade shrimp, and we are pleased to report that they are delicious! We are going against our standard here by offering a frozen product. Here's why: Instead of dealing with giant gas-powered trawlers to catch their shrimp Del Pacifico works with artisanal fishermen in Mexico who use small sail-powered boats called pandas, which are slightly larger than a rowboat and have a spectacular sail. (Score one.)

The wind and tide guide the net. Because they operate on such a small scale the fishermen can remove bycatch and return it to the water alive resulting in the lowest bycatch in the shrimping industry! (Score two.) 

Because the boats are small and have little storage area they can't be out at sea for long periods meaning that the shrimp are blast-frozen within hours of capture. What is more, Fair Trade certification guarantees that there are no human rights abuses and that a percentage of the profit is returned to the community that caught the shrimp. (Score three and four.) 

Keep in mind that these shrimp are peeled and deveined FROZEN shrimp. US Fair Trade certified.
1 lb. (about 26 to 30 per pound) for $16.00)

-- Provençal Wheat Berry Salad with Shrimp and Mustard-Caper Vinaigrette ( Susie Middleton / Fine Cooking)

-- Cuttlefish Spaccatelli with Shrimp, Fresh Tomatoes, Green Onions and Chili (Food 52)

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