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Bay Scallops

Wild caught, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada

If you haven't yet tried these tiny gems, please do consider them! Bay scallops are sweet and mild, with a firm moist texture. They are delicious in pasta, as ceviche, baked with herbs, or lightly pan-seared.

Further, they are dry-packed, meaning that there are no chemicals added. (Wet-pack scallops on the other hand are soaked in a water-retentive sodium triphosphate solution so that 30% of what you pay for is water. Plus they exude so much water that they can't be properly seared.) Our sweet and tender scallops will caramelize nicely. Seafood Watch rates them a "Best Choice." Low mercury level.

  • 1 lb. for $25.00

  • 8 oz. for $12.50

-- Bay Scallop Pan Roast (Marcia Kiesel / Food and Wine)

-- Bea Conner's Lightly Baked Bay Scallops (Saveur)








Net pens, Vietnam

Barramundi, reportedly a name given to the fish by indigenous Australians, means large-scaled silver fish. It is also called Passion Fish. In an Australian Aborigine Dreamtime legend, part creation story, the barramundi transforms itself into the moon.

Barramundi is comparable to wild sea bass. It is recommended for its sweet, buttery flavor and is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. This barramundi is farmed in Vietnam under strict conditions. Believe it or not, because of its low environmental impact—low use of chemicals, effluents monitoring, and transparency—Seafood Watch rates this Vietnamese-farmed barramundi a "Best Choice." Low mercury. Kosher.

  • 1 lb. for $21.50

  • 8 oz. for $10.75

-- Barramundi Sheet Pan Supper (Coley Cooks / Food 52)

-- New Orleans Style Barramundi Cakes (The Better Fish)


Key West Pink Shrimp

Frozen, Raw, Shell-On

These large shrimp are Shell-On. They get their color from the 
coral waters off the southwest coast of Florida. 
Individually quick frozen using no chemical additives.

  • 1 lb. (16 to 20 per pound) for $18.50

Matiz Sardines in Olive Oil

Galicia, Spain

These wild, tender sardines are sustainably harvested using traditional methods off the coast of Galicia, Spain. They are wonderful on their own,
or toss them with pasta, or use them in salads. Bones are edible.
Net weight: 4.2 ounces for $5.00

Gibsons Steakhouse Seasoning Salt

Ingredients: Salt, spices, dehydrated onion and garlic.

We are selling this product because a dietician recommended it for a friend with heart issues. It contains only salt, spices, and dehydrated onion and garlic, and it is the secret ingredient that some say makes Gibsons steaks so good. Because it is a healthy alternative to straight kosher salt, we wanted to try it.
The verdict? Gibsons proved to be excellent on fish too!

6 ounces for $6.00

Hooked on Fish Convertible Cooler Bag

Use this bag for all kinds of things!

This convertible totes provide reliable insulation, and it is large enough for those longer fillets or party-size orders. The bag's removable insert is great for keeping fish and other refrigerated products cold on the way home. Without the insert, the bag itself is a sturdy all-purpose carrier. Plus, our logo imprint helps to spread the word about Hooked on Fish! You win, we win.


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