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Fish Categories: What if I don't have the right fish for my recipe?

Most recipes call for a specific type of fish. If you find a recipe that you like but you don’t have the kind of fish the recipe calls for, use this handy guide for substituting a similar fish.

Delicate texture, mild or medium flavor 

flounder, haddock, pollock, lake perch, petrale sole, sole, whitefish

Moderate texture, mild or medium flavor 

black seabass, bronzino, Mediterranean seabass, cod, rockfish, sablefish, striped bass, redfish, black drum, snapper, walleye, trout

Firm texture, mild or medium 

catfish, cobia, corvina, golden tilefish, grouper, halibut, hogfish, monkfish, pompano, mahi mahi, meagre, tripletail

Firmest texture, full flavor 

mackerel, marlin, sturgeon, swordfish, tuna 

Salmon- or trout-like

Arctic char, lake trout, rainbow trout, steelhead trout, all types of salmon

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