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Fresh. Sustainable. Simple. 

We deliver to your home or to a location near you.

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Hooked yet?

From the water to your table as swiftly as possible.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Choose your fish, pick your recipe, and cook.

We work hard to source our seafood from ocean-friendly providers.

it works

Each week we offer our members two of the freshest, tastiest fish we can find. The fish comes to us early in the morning, and we deliver it that afternoon to your home or to various hub locations around Chicago. You simply cook and eat!

Fishing boat
Man holding a trout
Fjord Sea Trout

Is the seafood section at your local supermarket starting to smell a little “fishy?”

Our aim is to deliver the freshest fish possible. Give it a try. You’ll taste the difference. Check out this week’s selection.

this week's catch

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