week's catch

January 19 to 21, 2021



Arctic Char

Land based aquaculture, Iceland

  • 1 lb. for $17.50

  • 8 ounces for $8.75* ($10.00 minimum order)

Everyone loves this fish! Raw arctic char, like salmon, has orange to pale pink flesh, but when cooked it fades to white. Despite the color of its raw flesh, char is genetically closer to trout than salmon. Its flavor is clean and mild, its texture is delicate, and it is full of heart-healthy omega-3’s.

The fat content of arctic char makes it ...


Canadian Bay Scallops

Wild caught, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada 

  • 1 lb. for $25.00

  • 8 oz. for $12.50

If you haven't yet tried these small gems (40 to 60 per pound), please do consider them! Bay scallops are sweet and mild, with a firm, moist texture. They are delicious in pasta, as ceviche, baked with herbs, or lightly pan-seared.

Further, they are dry-packed, meaning that there are no chemicals added ...



Free-Range Eggs

Finn's Ranch raises their chickens hormone-free, grass fed,
antibiotic- and steroid-free, non-GMO, no pesticides. 


La Quercia Prosciutto Americano

Prosciutto originated in Italy. Iowa-based La Quercia was founded to produce premium-quality American prosciutto. 


King Crab Select Portions

The meat of these King Crab legs is sweet, tender, and buttery. You get only the largest portion of the leg with a meaty knuckle (5 to 7) ounces). 


HOF Cooler Bag

This convertible tote provides reliable insulation, and it is large enough for those longer fillets or larger orders. The bag's removable insert is great for keeping fish and other refrigerated products cold on the way home. 



Oritz Conservas marinated white anchovies are filleted by hand, one by one, marinated in wine vinegar and, once optimum level maceration is reached, it is packed in olive oil, garlic...




Acme Smoked Nova

For breakfast, brunch, or a fancy dinner appetizer, offer some Acme brand cold smoked Atlantic Nova.
Your pod will thank you!


Key West Shrimp

Frozen, Raw, Peeled and Deveined

These high-quality, medium sized shrimp get their color from the

coral waters off the southwest coast of Florida. 


HOF Gift Certificate

Show your love! Give someone a tasteful and healthy gift.We have gift certificates available for 

$50, $75, $100 and up.


Lobster Tails

Pandemic winter is here. Wouldn't a lobster roll brighten your mood? Each wild-caught tail is 4 to 5 ounces. Just thaw in the refrigerator overnight...



La Quercia 'Nduja

A spicy, rich prosciutto spread made with fully cured prosciutto and speck. Also includes sea salt and red chili peppers. 


La Quercia Prosciutto Americano

Prosciutto originated in Italy. Iowa-based La Quercia was founded to produce premium-quality American prosciutto.