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Deep ocean aquaculture, Panama

Cobia (sometimes called lemonfish) is one of our favorite fishes. It's meat is firm with a large flake and mild flavor. A versatile fish, cobia can be cooked in many different ways: baked, grilled, and sear-roasted. Open Blue, our source, raises the fish in deepwater net pens located far offshore. The fish are fed an all-natural hormone-, colorant-, and pesticide-free diet.

Open Blue has earned GlobalGAP aquaculture certification and Best Aquaculture Practices. And Seafood Watch gives cobia a “Good Alternative” rating. We'd like to support Open Blue's efforts! Low mercury level. Kosher.
1 lb. for $25.00

-- Healthy Cobia Tacos (Open Blue)
-- Sear-Roasted Cobia (Lemonfish)  (HOF)






Pacific Dover Sole

Troll caught, Oregon

Pacific Dover sole, like many fish, has an inaccurate name. It isn't a sole at all. It's actually a flounder, and it has a completely different flavor than sole. True Dover sole is a bit milder than Pacific Dover sole. Both have a delicate texture. When preparing Pacific Dover sole, you can use just about any recipe that calls for flounder.

This fish is abundant in the Pacific, and the fishery is well-managed. The fish we are offering is MSC certified. Seafood Watch rates it a "Best Choice." Kosher. Low mercury level.
1 lb. for $12.25

-- Oven-Poached Pacific Sole With Lemon Caper Sauce (Martha Rose Schulman / The New York Times)
-- Baked Flounder with Parmesan Crumbs (Nigel Slater / Food and Wine)

Baby Octopus

Tenderized. Spain

These tasty baby octopuses (octopi) have already been tenderized (no beating required!) and come curled up in the shape of a flower. 
1 lb. (2-3) for $16.00


Key West Pink Shrimp

Wild caught, Florida

We are happy to offer uncooked, frozen, wild caught Key West Pink Shrimp. These plump shrimp get their color from the coral waters off the southwest coast of Florida. Individually Quick Frozen, Shell-On. 21 to 25 per pound.

-- Garlic Shrimp And White Beans (Bon Appétit)

-- HOF Simple Roasted Shrimp

Tinned Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Jose Gourmet, Portugal

Entertaining? Here is a special treat. These succulent sardines packed in a light tomato sauce are surprisingly rich and satisfying. 

Studies have shown that canned sardines are healthier for you than fresh. They are full of omega-3 fatty acids and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Save this truly delicious treat for your best friends. You won't regret it. MSC certified. 125 grams: $8.00/tin

Tomato Farrotto with Sardines (Bon Appétit)

Pasta with Sardines and Lemon (Bon Appétit)

Hooked on Fish Convertible Cooler Bag

Use this bag for lots of things!

Summer is here!

And that means it is going to be HOT. Make sure you have the right cooler bag for your trip home. Not only does it keep your fish cold longer, but it is an excellent all-purpose tote. Use if for your summer picnics at Millennium Park or Ravinia! Removable insulated pouch.


Gibsons Steakhouse Seasoning Salt

Ingredients: Salt, spices, dehydrated onion and garlic.

We are selling this product because a dietician recommended it for a friend with heart issues. It contains only salt, spices, and dehydrated onion and garlic, and it is the secret ingredient that some say makes Gibsons steaks so good. Because it is a healthy alternative to straight kosher salt, we wanted to try it.
The verdict? Gibsons proved to be excellent on fish too!
Net weight: 6 ounces for $6.00

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