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Fantastic fresh option to get choices on a delivery every week. No commitment, really can’t go wrong.

Kevin O.

I am indeed looking forward to the skate cheeks! That's what I love about Hooked on Fish - you are always offering things I can't get anywhere else!

Meredith D.

I must say that the fish so far has been absolutely spectacular and I love the whole experience!
Judy T. 


Really the best quality seafood available in our area. I am never disappointed and love the variety!

Jocelyn G.

OMG that halibut was amazing!

Maureen K.


Sockeye me anytime. Beautiful fish and cut.

Kevin O.

This is the easiest way to plan one of our dinners every week without thinking about it. On Saturday, I get an email telling me what my Tuesday delivery will be, along with a suggested recipe. Easy! Healthy! It's hard to find fresher fish that are sustainable. Best grocery purchase we make.
Wendy L. 

My group chowed down on the red grouper! We baked it with olive oil, lemon, paprika, garlic, salt and pepper. We're hooked! 🎣
Betsy B. 
Arctic char has become my favorite fish -- displacing whitefish/lake trout
Colleen S. 


Made the one-pan roasted salmon with asparagus and parmesan potatoes from the recipe posted this week. Delicious!

Gregory B.

Thank you also for the swordfish, I prepared it in parchment paper and it was absolutely delicious, one of the best pieces of fish I have ever had. I have been spreading the word about your fish. 

Mary M. 

Thank you so so much for another amazing cut of fish! I have to admit, the swordfish belly is my new favorite. It was so rich and amazing, unlike anything I've tried before. I baked it in foil with a little sesame oil, ginger, and dill. Thank you thank you thank you! ❤️❤️❤️  

Emily S. 

The redfish was absolutely fantastic! Thank you 

Maureen K.  

The extra order for tomorrow is due to the consistently great choices, and excellent quality.  I love these kind of difficult decisions. 

Jim R. 

Hey! My name is Emily, and I'm a cashier at Heartland Cafe. Tonight, I got the privilege of taking home a small fish share, and OH MY GAWD, it was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. Thank you so much for the share, and I appreciate everything you guys do for us!  

Emily S. 

Hi Karen, I wanted to thank you for the great choice!! We just finished dinner and it was phenomenal! My boyfriend grew up fishing in cape cod so he's quite serious about fish, and he came away with a huge smile. Thanks again!!  

Jessica L. 

BTW, the Monkfish I got from you before was also very good.  I can't say that I've had any less than excellent seafood from Hooked on Fish :)  

Sharon Z. 

The red drum fish was fresh and tasty ! I used the recipe you  enclosed except for substituting olive oil for butter. 

Priscilla L. 

I just had to let you know that the sea scallops I received last week were awesome!!!  Truly some of the best I've ever eaten.  Just as fresh and delicious as the ones I recently ate at The Kitchen  But I paid $33 for their Pan Seared Diver Scallops and got about 5 scallops in my entree.  Last week I received 10 scallops in my Hooked on Fish delivery, so I got to enjoy scallops for 2 meals for only $20.  Win win for me :)  

Sharon Z. 

Boy, that arctic char was great!  

Jean F.  

Thank you so much for that delicious piece of fish.  I had never heard of golden tilefish but I know that if I ever see it again I will definitely buy it.  I prepared it very simply in order to taste it and I was so thrilled with its buttery smooth texture and taste. 

Jen M. 

We are loving our weekly fish meal!  

Ginevra R. 

Since joining Hooked on Fish, I'm eating much better, healthier food, have lost my fear of cooking fish, and have had fun experimenting. This was such a good idea. 

Sylvia W. 

MMMMM, Copper River Salmon, beautiful deep color and delicious. And I love my new Hooked On Fish apron!
Maureen K.

Great halibut. Tonight I made this dish with the following recipe, and it was delicious. Not to mention fast and easy. Found myself full but still eating because it was so good. 


 I didn't know salmon could be this good, and I like salmon. I threw those fillets in my little stovetop smoker, and when I ate one, the aioli sauce I'd made just sat by the side. Who needs any sauce when the fish are that good?
Sylvia W.

We had the most delicious Alaskan Halibut tonight, thanks to Hooked On Fish! Grilled it with lemon juice and Old Bay and it was incredible!
Chris M.

We greatly appreciate regular access to quality fish. Thank you, Karen, for all you do to bring us fresh and beautiful seafood on a weekly basis. We are happy to renew with you!
Lott H.

Melt in your mouth sablefish - not an overstatement! And the recipe is so easy.
Sue A.

The fish has been wonderful and I love the recipes. Thank you!
Alexia V.

…. we absolutely love your service and your choices.
Judith G.

Such delicious salmon tonight! Many thanks for a delicious dinner!
Katie D.

This week's walleye was wonderful. The recipe provided was also very tasty and extremely easy to "whip up."
Jean F.

Tonight's catch from Hooked on Fish, Loch Etive Sea trout, was superb. 
Colleen S.

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