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Riverence Steelhead

Land-based aquaculture, Idaho

Steelhead is a cross between trout and salmon. Like the other farmed fish we offer, these fish are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals. Their flavor is milder than salmon, and they have a tender texture.

They are raised in pure Rocky Mountain spring water and are fed a diet containing the same micronutrients that ocean steelhead eat. Thus they have the same deep-red flesh as their wild counterparts.

Riverence steelhead works in partnership with FishWise, the James Beard Foundation, OceanWise, and TroutEx. Seafood Watch rates these steelhead a "Best Choice." Low mercury level. Kosher.

1 lb. for $15.75
8 oz. for $8.00 ($10.00 min.)

-- Pan-Fried Steelhead with Chanterelles (adapted from Nourished Kitchen)
-- Porcini & Panko-Crusted Steelhead (SF Gate)

hugely expensive. We would argue that Kyuquot Sound farmed sablefish gives its wild cousin a run for the money. 








Ocean-based aquaculture

Meagre (also called stone sea bass and salmon bass) has become a member favorite. Long popular in Europe, it has been gaining popularity here too. Meagre has appeared on the menu at The Girl and the Goat, The Little Goat, Boka, Coco Pazzo, Anteprima, and other other fine dining establishments.

Meagre's delicate, sweet taste is much like that of corvina and bass, though its flesh is denser. It received a "1 Star Superior Taste Award" from the renowned International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels. See for yourself why chefs are so excited about it. Low mercury level. Kosher.

1 lb. for $23.00
8 oz. for $11.75

-- Meagre with Mixed Vegetables (adapted from Chef Robbie Gleeson)
-- Pan-Seared Meagre with Lemon-Caper Sauce (HOF)


Baby Octopus

Tenderized. Spain

These tasty baby octopuses (octopi) have already been tenderized (no beating required!) and come curled up in the shape of a flower. 
1 lb. (2-3) for $16.00


Gibsons Steakhouse Seasoning Salt

Ingredients: Salt, spices, dehydrated onion and garlic.

We are selling this product because a dietician recommended it for a friend with heart issues. It contains only salt, spices, and dehydrated onion and garlic, and it is the secret ingredient that some say makes Gibsons steaks so good. Because it is a healthy alternative to straight kosher salt, we wanted to try it.
The verdict? Gibsons proved to be excellent on fish too!
Net weight: 6 ounces for $6.00

Hooked on Fish Convertible Cooler Bag

Use this bag for lots of things!

Summer is here!

And that means it is going to be HOT. Make sure you have the right cooler bag for your trip home. Not only does it keep your fish cold longer, but it is an excellent all-purpose tote. Use if for your summer picnics at Millennium Park or Ravinia! Removable insulated pouch.


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