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This Week's Catch

October 4 to 8, 2022



Gill-net caught, Lake Erie

 $25.00 per pound


Walleye is so popular that it is the official state fish of Minnesota, South Dakota, and Vermont. Although it is often called "walleye pike," it is actually a member of the perch family. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, "The walleye is named for its pearlescent eye, which is caused by the tapetum lucidum, a reflective layer of pigment that helps the fish to see and feed at night or in turbid water." So anyone buying a whole fish should not make the mistake of viewing its unclear eye as a sign of age. 

Walleye has a sweet flavor and a delicate flake, and it can be prepared in virtually any way—sautéed, baked, and grilled. My mother's favorite Florida restaurant serves this Great Lakes fish topped with artichokes and tomatoes, then drizzled with béarnaise sauce. Seafood Watch rates walleye a "Good Alternative." Higher mercury level. Kosher.



Kyuquot Sound Sablefish

Floating net pens, Vancouver Island

$32.00 per pound



We are always excited to offer Kyuquot Sound sablefish! It is difficult to find wild sablefish (black cod) here in the US because the bulk of the US catch is exported to Japan and, when it is available, it's hugely expensive. We believe that Kyuquot Sound farmed sablefish gives its wild cousin a run for the money.

Kyuquot Sound sablefish are raised in partnership with the Kyuquot First Nation. The sablefish feed is FAO-certified organic, and the fish are harvested using a Japanese method that reduces stress on the fish. 

Despite its common name (black cod), sablefish is not a member of the codfish family and cooks differently from cod. Its high fat content makes it both flavorful and very forgiving when cooked. High in polyunsaturated fat, sablefish is perfect for low-cholesterol diets. It has milky white flesh and a buttery texture. Sushi grade. Seafood Watch rates it a "Best Choice." Low to moderate mercury level. Kosher.

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