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Fresh. Sustainable. Simple. 

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Save the Date! 

Join us on February 18, for a Mardi Gras Fête! Chef Andrés will be shucking Oysters and making

Crab Cakes with Remoulade; Seafood Gumbo with Shrimp, Crawfish, Halibut, and

housemade Andouille Seafood Sausage; and much more.


The Weekly Catch 
January 31 to February 4
Deliveries and in-store



Ono (Wahoo)

We also have

Gill net caught

$18.50 per pound

This is the first Walleye of the year! Walleye is so popular that it is the official state fish of Minnesota, South Dakota, and Vermont. Although it is often called "walleye pike," it is actually a member of the perch family. 

Walleye has a sweet flavor and a delicate flake, and it can be prepared in virtually any way—sautéed, baked, and grilled. My mother's favorite Florida restaurant serves this Great Lakes fish topped with artichokes and tomatoes, then drizzled with béarnaise sauce. Seafood Watch rates walleye a "Good Alternative." Higher mercury level. Kosher.



Line caught, Hawaii

$22.00 per pound

Ono means "good to eat" in the Hawaiian language. Its alternative name, wahoo, is a phonetic spelling of "Oahu." 

Although it is a relative of king mackerel, ono has a much different flavor profile. This fish is lean and has a firm, meaty, almost steak-like texture. It is especially good grilled, but can be poached, sautéed, baked, or broiled. Seafood Watch rates it a "Good Alternative." Higher mercury level. Kosher.


Eggs $7.00


Manhattan Fish Chowder $14.99 each

Fjord Sea Trout

Fjord Sea Trout $18.00 per pound


Kewpie Mayonnaise $7.99 each


Lemon Dill Seed Seasoned Salt $10.99


Caskatelli Pasta $5.99


Mariscadora Sardines $5.00

Herring (in Wine or Cream)

Herring (in Wine or Cream) $6.99

choc. pound cake

EllenBeth Pound Cakes various prices

We have plenty more in our online store. Check it out!

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Each week, we offer a selection of the freshest, tastiest fish available. Fish is delivered to us nearly every morning and you receive it the same day either at our store or via delivery or pickup at select locations throughout Chicago.

Fishing boat
Man holding a trout

We focus on being an eco-conscious, low-waste, sustainable business. To achieve this goal, we encourage our customers to sign-up on our website to become members and order ahead for pick-up at our store, a pickup location, or home delivery!

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