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This Week's Catch

December 6 to 10, 2022
(for deliveries and in the retail store)


Striped Bass

Hook and line caught

 $26.50 per pound

As related by Barton Seaver, striped bass was part of American food culture long before Europeans set foot here. English colonist Roger Williams claimed that the Native American word for striped bass (Missuckeke-kequock) meant "much" or "great fish." The name refers to their great abundance as well as their size.

Yet by about the 1960s the East Coast striped bass fishery was nearly decimated by overfishing and pollution. The fishery has since rebounded, under the careful management of the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Striped Bass. 

Compared to farmed striped bass, the wild variety we have selected is larger, richer, and slightly sweet in flavor. It has a firm, large flake, and it can be baked, grilled, steamed, and sautéed. If you like crispy skin, this bass has perfect skin for crisping. Seafood Watch rates it a "Best Choice." Moderate mercury level. Kosher.





Mahi Mahi

Hook and line caught

$14.00 per pound


We love mahi mahi! Although it is sometimes referred to as dorado or dolphinfish, mahi should not be confused with dolphin (which as you know is a mammal, not a fish). Its Hawaiian name, referring to its swimming ability, means "extra strong."

Mahi mahi has pinkish translucent flesh and a sweet, delicate flavor. The texture is moderately firm, and it has large, moist flakes.

As you may have noticed, we are honoring mahi in our new product introduced this week, Chef Andrés's Manhattan Mahi Chowder. Its texture is perfect for soup.

Seafood Watch rates mahi mahi a "Best Choice.” Low to moderate mercury level. Kosher.

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Each week, we offer a selection of the freshest, tastiest fish available. Fish is delivered to us nearly every morning and you receive it the same day either at our store or via delivery or pickup at select locations throughout Chicago.

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